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About Flash Page Flip Software


Common FAQ:

1. How to publish and share my flipping book online?

2. "Class Not Registered Error" while using Flash Page Flip programs?

3. How can I make books play on iPad?

4. Can I use Mac version program to create books to send to PC users?

5. How to use search function to find targeted setting option?

6. How to choose output type for your PDF to flash page book?

7. How to define HTML title for your flash flip book?

8. How to define HTML Meta in flash flip book?

9. How to save flash flip book theme once I design one?

10. Can I batch convert PDF to flash flip book at one time?

11. How to record flash flip book in CD?

12. How to import template for flash page flip book?

13. How to save the designing settings for the un-finished eBook?

14. How to set security for you flash page flip book?

15. Are there more view modes for flash flip book on mobile?

16. How to define flash flip book name when batch convert?

17. How to convert two PDF to one flash flip book?

18. How to use bookmark to built table of content in flash flip book?

19. Can I import the middle pages of the flash flip book?

20. How to set personalized watermark for flash page flip book?

21. How to design a watermark for flash flip book?

22. How to use Search to find targeted setting options in flipbook?

23. When to update my flash flip book program?

24. How to install online templates to flash flip book?

25. A way to save your page editing information of flash flip book?

26. Upload flash flip books online without own website?




PDF to Flash Page Flip:


1. How to select templates in PDF to Flash Page Flip?

2. How to display logo with link for my flash brochure?

3. Can I view flash page flip book on full screen?

4. Is the flash page flip book printable for anyone?

5. Create flash flip book link bait for free download?

6. Display Background Music for Flash Flip Book?

7. How to make music play circularly in flash flip book?

8. Adjust zoom in size for flash flip book?

9. How to make flash flip eBook searchable for reading?

10. Make flash flip book sharable while reading online?

11. Create flipbook for Frenchman with their language?

12. Design auto flipping effect for flash flip book?

13. Can I change color for flash flip book icons?

14. How to customize flash flipbook thickness?

15. Move flash flip book to the right side of the window?

16. Show flash flip book to readers with distinct corner flip effect?

17. How to change button font color in flash flip book?

18. Change button font style for flash page flip book?

19. Set another color for page index font in flash flip book?

20. Can I make a gradient color for flash flip book background?

21. Import pictures as background for flash flip book?

22. Make bar color suitable for flash flip background?

23. How to change length to width ratio for flash flip book?

24. Define links options in PDF to flash page flip?

25. Manage flash flip book by mange its traffic from google analytics?

26. How to set animated background for flash page flip book?

27. Set inner and outer background for flash flip book?

28. Make a simple flash flip book that is without tool bar?

29. Make bookmark always show in classical template of flash flip book




PDF to Flash Page Flip Professional:


1. How to insert shapes in flash page flip book?

2. Add link for PDF text after import PDF to flash flip software?

3.How to embed images in flash page flip book?

4.How can I add movie on flash page flip book?

5.How to add images on flip page of flash page flip book?

6.Add sound on PDF page after importing PDF to flash page flip professional?

7.How to add flash effect on flash page flip book?

8.Insert button on flash page with PDF to flash page flip professional?

9.Embed you tube video on the flash page flip book?

10.Add Printable Area on flash page flip book?

11.Copy and Paste the selected object on flash page flip book?