Make EBook with amazing page flip in flash from PDF, Image, PCL, Office, PPT etc.

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For Windows 7, Vista, XP

CHM to Flash Page Flip

Convert window html help to eBook with flip page effect! 
  • Numerous optional templates and themes to fit your corporate identity;
  • Enable search for get the information at maximum speed;
  • Converting unlimitedly with no extra fees;
  • Add a password to protect the book from unauthorized access;
  • Enjoy it on mobile device (IOS, Tablet and Android). Free TrialBuy Now
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    CHMto Flash Page Flip is flip book software which is especially designed for CHMfiles to make lively digital publication with flip page effect It provides a user friendly interface so that you can easily master it soon even though you know little about design skills. And it gives you fully customization to control over your digital publication, such as color settings, page shadow settings, template settings etc. It work really fast that a lively flip book only takes few seconds! 


    1.Page flip experience on screen page flip experience


    Whether you are media professionals, marketers, publishers, media agencies or web designers, CHM to Flash Page Flip is the perfect tool that entertains your reader at a level you could never before achieve. When you finish your creation, your readers can enjoy your publication with animated flip page effect and realistic sound as you flip through the paper pages. Besides, it can be read anytime, anywhere without internet- on the bus, plane etc. 


    2.Read from right to left  

    from right to left


    Of course you want people all over the world can love your book. But In some countries, especially in Arabic, people are used to read from right to left. If you hope that they will appreciate your publication, first you must make them be read as the way they like .And CHM to Flash Page Flip can help you achieve that only by a simple point and click. 



    3. Fully customization customization



    Every element of the digital publication is totally in the control of you. For instance, when creating, you have the power to insert whatever songs or piano piece as the background music, even set it play once or continually. In addition, you may let the publication take on the color as you wish whether background, icon or toolbar and much more. 



    4.Support mobile device 

     mobile device

    CHM to Flash Page Flip now support for IOS and Android for mobile viewing. Only a browser is required in a mobile device to make it work. It must help you reach a boarder audience. And it would be nice to enjoy page flip effect and mobility on-the-go and share it with the rest of the mobile world. 




    5. Free Publish 

    free publish

    After you finish your satisfied creation, there is different way to delivery in CHMto Flash Page Flip. In the aspect of online, you can publish it online in your website to let more people visit it. And in the aspect of offline, EXE,ZIP, APP are all available output format. In addition to those above-mentioned, you can also distribute it through CD or DVD or other portable storage device.




    6.Our guarantee 


    We offer exceptional customer service and competitive price. There are 3 guarantee terms as follows:

    1. You can get a full refund if you are dissatisfied with our products within 30 days for any reason;

    2. You can upgrade the software forever without extra fees;

    3. You can use it as many times as you wish once you purchase.  




    Import Features

    1. Import all pages or just some pages as you wish;

    2. Set a exclusive watermark which is only belong to yourself;

    3. Define the page quality, whether high or other;

    4. Import the bookmark from original files;

    5. Preserve the hyperlink including web link, page link and email link of the original PDF files in page page flip;

    6. Enable function of search if needed;

    7. Detect wide page so that it can be viewed clearly and comfortably.


    Design Features

    1. Turn any PDF file (including its bookmark, links)to adobe flash based page page flip;

    2. Support converting PDF files in batch to page page flip;

    3. Choose a built-in theme or template (classical, float, neat, spread) as you like;

    4. Add your own book title or book logo to the page page flip button bar;

    5. Define content of help window, also the looks and feels;

    6. Select a built-in theme or template (classical, float, neat, spread) as you like;

    7. Insert a sound file which will be playing as a background book music;

    8. Use zoom in/zoom out unlimitedly and set zoom scale;

    9. Tell your friends, partners via email or upload it to social network like Face Book, Twitter, Digg, Google, etc;

    10. Support auto-flip with flip-interval and play count setting;

    11. Enable single page or double page view mode;

    12. Set Multilingual version for different countries ;

    13. Add book frame bar to flip much easily;

    14. Set book reading from right to left for words start with left languages;

    15. Design hard cover to enhance the feeling of the book;

    16. Set a password to prevent others from unknown accessing;

    17. Use GOOGLE analytics to learn about your readers and their behaviors;

    18. Know the effect after setting immediately;

    19. Export and save the project if you think everything is okay;

    20. Define button color, search highlight color, icon colo

    21. Set font color, whether window font, book mark font, window font or search result font;

    22. Design background color, flash window color and page background color;  


    Free Publish Features

    1. HTML is a format which gives you the ability to publish your book to the Internet;

    2. ZIP is a format which gives you the ability to you share the book with your friends ,partners via email;

    3. EXE is single output format which gives you the ability to read separately;

    4. Mobile version is for people to read page page flip on tablet, IOS and Android devices;

    5. App is an executable software which can run on independently;

    6. Burn to CD/DVD lets you copy it easily.


    Page Flip Book Features:

    1. Drag the corner of the page to go to previous or next page;

    2. Click the page arrow or page frame to reach the previous or next page;

    3. Use thumbnail button to navigate fast through a large publication;

    4. Just need a few clicks on navigation buttons to go to previous page, next page, first page and last page;

    5. Click help button to get a hand when needed;

    6. Use search button to find out the page to get related info;

    7. Print out the whole book or some pages only;

    8. Make the book full screen for convenient reading;

    9. Zoom in/ zoom out on pages if the page font is too small to read;

    10. Turn on/ off the background music;

    11. Flip with a single page or double pages;

    12. Share with anyone via email, Face book, Twitter, Digg, Google etc;

    13. Download the ZIP or EXE book from website to read locally directly;

    14. Enjoy this digital publication on Tablet, IOS and Android devices.