Make EBook with amazing page flip in flash from PDF, Image, PCL, Office, PPT etc.

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Office to Flash Page Flip Pro


For Windows 7, Vista, XP

Office to Flash Page Flip Professional

Make amazing flash office from MS office, Open Office and PDF

  • Insert all medias(YOUTUBE video, sound, image etc) imaginable to enrich flip book;
  • Support command line ( the application perform automatically);
  • Add a direct link and define its action type, like go to page, call JavaScript function etc;
  • Support converting your file in batch;
  • Professional image editor available;
  • Add a password to control the access to your publication;
  • Converting unlimitedly with no extra fees.
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    • Why Use?
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    • How It Works

    Office to Flash Page Flip Professional is a high-end version comparing with our classical product - Office to Flash Page Flip. Except owing all the function of classical version, it creates flash office book with flip page effect more amazingly. For this page flipper gives you the ability to edit the pages with adding virtually all media, like SWF flash, YOUTUBE video, sound and so on. And function of command line can let you spend the least time on conversion. For further details as follows: 

    1.For virtually all office file


    Office to Flash Page Flip is a powerful office program. And it supports the followings:

    Microsoft Office document (docx;*.pptx;*.xlsx)

    Microsoft Publisher (*.pub)

    Microsoft Infopath (*.xml;*.xsn)

    Microsoft Visio ( *.vso)

    Microsoft Compiled HTML Help (*.chm)

    .pdf for Adobe PDF .ods for spreadsheets (Open Office)

    .odt for spreadsheets (Open Office) .

    .odp for presentations (Open Office)

    .odb for databases (Open Office) .

    .odg for graphics (Open Office) TEXT document (*.txt) RTF document (*.rtf)

    2.Amazing edit page

    edit page

    Edit page of Office to Flash Page Flip Pro let you own a wonderful multi-media flash office eBook . It allows you to insert many different objects. Firstly, you can insert a link and define its action type. Secondly, you have the power to add a new button (area to print included) or more to meet your needs. Lastly, you can insert movie, YOUTUBE video, image, sound or flash to let your reader experience excitedly. 



    3.Command line command line


    Sometimes you are on the go and not very available, but still need to handle plenty of Office files. Don’t worry! Function of command line in Office to Flash Page Flip Pro is your perfect solution. All it takes is just utilize it, and then the conversion will be completed with no extra action. 




    4.Go green!

    go green

    Office to Flash Page Flip Pro is the best solution for you to make green decision while reading. This page flipper not only help to reduces your cost of printed version but also lower our carbon footprint. And it’s good for bottom line and environment since it save paper by converting and distributing digital replica of your favorite publications.  




    5.Fully customization


    Every element of the page flipper book is totally in the control of you. For instance, when creating, you have the power to insert whatever songs or piano piece as the background music, even set it play once or continually. In addition, you may let the publication take on the color as you wish whether background, icon or toolbar and much more. 






    Office to Flash Page Flip Pro gives you many ways to completely protect your creation. On one hand, you can utilize setting a password if you wish others can watch only after your permission. On the other hand, you can also add a unique water mark to prevent your publication from unauthorized copying. 




    7.Data tracking with Google Analytics

    google analytics



    The function of Google analytics enable you to learn about your reader and know the popularity of your publication. With its help, you have the power to see how readers react to every aspect of your book- from number of visitors to average time spent browsing your book to most popular terms. 


    8. Social sharing  

    social share


    It would be very nice to let more and more people see your publication with amazing flash flip page effect. With office to Flash Page Flip Pro, your content is ready to go viral across social networking sites such as Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs.

    9. Free Publish 

    free publish


    After you finish your satisfied creation, there is different way to publish in Office to Flash Page Flip Pro. In the aspect of online, you can publish it online in your website to let more people visit it. And in the aspect of offline, EXE, ZIP, APP is all available output formats. In addition to those above-mentioned, you can also distribute it through CD or DVD or other portable storage device. 



    10. Our guarantee 


    We offer exceptional customer service and competitive price. There are 3 basic terms as follows:

    1. You can get a full refund if you are dissatisfied with our products within 30 days for any reason;

    2. You can upgrade the software forever without extra fees;

    3. You can use it as many times as you wish once you purchase.


    Powerful editing featurers

    1. Insert link and define its action type (go to page, photo slideshow, called JavaScript action);

    2. Insert new button icon calling new action if necessary;

    3. Utilize about button to add your contact or some other information;

    4. Insert image to the page you imported (customize its action , like play audio, go to webpage ,etc);

    5. Insert FLV movie and define every detail of the movie;

    6. Insert fitted sound to your page;

    7. Insert SWF flash to enrich your page;

    8. YOUTUBE video can be added to your page;

    9. Output project embed links, video and sounds, save it for future using.


    Import Features: 

    1. Import all pages or just some pages as you wish;

    2. Set a exclusive watermark which is only belong to yourself;

    3. Define the page quality, whether high or other;

    4. Import the bookmark from original files;

    5. Preserve the hyperlink including web link, page link and email link of the original PDF files in page flip;

    6. Enable function of search if needed;

    7. Detect wide page so that it can be viewed clearly and comfortably.


    Design Features:

    1. Turn any office file(including its bookmark, links)to adobe flash based page flip;

    2. Support converting office files in batch to page flip;

    3. Choose a built-in theme or template (classical, float, neat, spread) as you like;

    4. Add your own book title or book logo to the page flip button bar;

    5. Define content of help window, also the looks and feels;

    6. Select a built-in theme or template (classical, float, neat, spread) as you like;

    7. Insert a sound file which will be playing as a background book music;

    8. Use zoom in/zoom out unlimitedly and set zoom scale;

    9. Tell your friends, partners via email or upload it to social network like Face Book, Twitter, Digg, Google, etc;

    10. Support auto-flip with flip-interval and play count setting;

    11. Enable single page or double page view mode;

    12. Set Multilingual version for different countries ;

    13. Add book frame bar to flip much easily;

    14. Set book reading from right to left for words start with left languages;

    15. Design hard cover to enhance the feeling of the book;

    16. Set a password to prevent others from unknown accessing;

    17. Use GOOGLE analytics to learn about your readers and their behaviors;

    18. Know the effect after setting immediately;

    19. Export and save the project if you think everything is okay;

    20. Define button color, search highlight color, icon colo

    21. Set font color, whether window font, book mark font, window font or search result font;

    22. Design background color, flash window color and page background color;  


    Free Publish Features:

    1. HTML is a format which gives you the ability to publish your book to the Internet;

    2. ZIP is a format which gives you the ability to you share the book with your friends ,partners via email;

    3. EXE is single output format which gives you the ability to read separately;

    4. Mobile version is for people to read page flip on tablet, IOS and Android devices;

    5. App is an executable software which can run on independently;

    6. Burn to CD/DVD lets you copy it easily.


    Page Flip Book Features:

    1. Drag the corner of the page to go to previous or next page;

    2. Click the page arrow or page frame to reach the previous or next page;

    3. Use thumbnail button to navigate fast through a large publication;

    4. Just need a few clicks on navigation buttons to go to previous page, next page, first page and last page;

    5. Click help button to get a hand when needed;

    6. Use search button to find out the page to get related info;

    7. Print out the whole book or some pages only;

    8. Make the book full screen for convenient reading

    9. Zoom in/ zoom out on pages if the page font is too small to read;

    10. Turn on/ off the background music;

    11. Flip with a single page or double pages;

    12. Share with anyone via email, Face book, Twitter, Digg, Google etc;

    13. Download the ZIP or EXE book from website to read locally directly;

    14. Enjoy this digital publication on Tablet, IOS and Android devices.