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New iPad Digital Publishing Software: Create Ipad Magazines easily

In this digital world, many things are virtualized, like books! Normally, electronic book is widespread in our life. Due to its accessibility, it is available to be read electronically on a variety of devices, including traditional computers, Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Noble's Nook, Sony e-readers, iPads, iPhones, and more.  However, reading is not enough for people since everybody has great resources to show and huge information to share! This is possible in the modern word because more and more iPad Digital Publishing Software occurred to help self-publishing, like page editors, eBook makers, digital book publishers, flipbook creators, etc! People can not only be readers, but also be authors and publishers! Authentic contents are extremely rich online! This is revolution to push e-reading ahead instead of traditional ways!


The PUB HTML5 software allows you to share the Ipad Magazines you create with the help of it on your favorite social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This software is provided by the professional company called iPad Digital Publishing Software Company Limited based in China. This company was established in the year 2008 to provide customers with an opportunity to convert their digital work into 3D flipbooks so that people can read the e-book or e-magazine by simply flipping the pages rather than scrolling down. The main benefit offered by any product of this company is the page flip option. This company provides cost-effective services for Ipad digital publications.


Makers of the flipping book, PUB HTML5, have provided handy tools which are user friendly interface so that even a layman can understand what each efficient tool represents. Sharing and reading support functions included along with the navigation tool bar. Overview of all the Ipad digital publications can be viewed in the thumbnail form with a screenshot which helps in locating the content you are looking for quickly and easily.

How will it bring to readers? More than page turning effects and reading content. Everyone can easily flip page, drag book to rotate, even spin the eBook in 360 degree! It would not only includes all the basic functions of an ordinary flash flipping book, but also lots of unique 3D objects embedded that other flipbook makers don’t have. It is believed that this kind of iPad Digital Publishing Software will secure the market very soon since it is the unique page flip software that has 3D effects.